The principles of Non-Violent Communication

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Testimonials from participants

In her “Connecting with ‘Difficult’ People”, Bhupinder Gill's passion for Compassionate Non-Violent Communication was infectious and her knowledge was inspiring. In a short period of time, participants received insights regarding their own “difficult” relationships and communications with others, both through Bhupinder's own real life examples and what she drew out from the examples of participants. Her high energy level and commitment kept everyone fully engaged throughout the program.
Sherry Mikelic, Founding Director, Centre for Spirituality at Works To Work, Toronto, Ontario

Bhupinder delivered her message from the heart, with authenticity and integrity! She is thoroughly familiar with her subject and has integrated her information to own as tacit knowledge.

She responded to questions with sincerity and simplicity, providing concrete examples so the participants were able to grasp the concepts clearly. She held my interest throughout the session.

Bhupinder is compassionate and genuine!
Olia Stachnykm; Communications Coach/Facilitator, Business and You, Toronto, Ontario

Congratulations on your remarkable example of NVC in action, smarts, behavioral insight and caring throughout this afternoon's circle. You have a special facility and clarity articulating your questions, comments and responses in NVC dialogue.

Being a relative newcomer to NVC, I've found it helpful to observe your exchanges - how you frame them and how economical and on-target you are in your choices of perspective, words, expression and emotion.
Frank McLean, Mediator & Facilitator, Toronto, Ontario

This method of communication has helped me to articulate my feelings and needs in my daily life, in volunteer organizations, my job as a teacher, and especially with my spouse and daughter. Bhupinder is a compassionate and experienced teacher, who has the rare ability to make participants feel emotionally safe.
Victoria Serda, Municipal Councillor, Saugeen Shores, Ontario.

I have experienced Bhupinder as a warm and compassionate individual who clearly communicates the principles of Non-violent Communication in an easily understood way that anyone can begin to become more effective in their communication with others. I highly recommend her educational workshops.
Steven Hughes, Organizational Development Consultant, The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Ontario

Bhupinder is a calm, patient and flexible instructor of the NVC approach. As a mother of 3 and someone who does community work, I really gained by applying the NVC strategies and achieved a higher quality of relationship with those I care about.
C. Crawford, counselor, Kincardine, Ontario.

"I recently had the pleasure of attending Bhupinder's workshop on Dealing with Difficult People. As someone with  training in conflict resolution and mediation, it was very apparent to me that Bhupinder's deep knowledge of her subject is enriched by extensive experience and a passionate commitment to sharing her expertise. Her presentation  style was very interactive and lively, and my knowledge of non-violent communication techniques was considerably enhanced by participating in her workshop."
Margaret MacLeod, TESL Toronto Spring 2010 Conference Committee.

 The workshop was very helpful. It helped me further understand a way to approach my clients.
participant at nursing rounds, at The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Ontario.

I learned techniques to have a better understanding in meeting patients' needs.
participant in department of forensics, at The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Ontario.

Very useful for work and everyday life.
participant at TLC Alert Nursing & Home Care, Toronto, Ontario

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