The principles of Non-Violent Communication

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having the communication tools to


What are the communication tools that are offered

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) provides powerful and effective communication tools that can transform people's lives whether it is in the bedroom, boardroom or war-torn nations.

The NVC communication process was developed by International peacemaker and educator, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. It includes a theoretical foundation and a skill set that enables us to get in touch with the universal needs underlying all human behavior. Bringing needs into conscious awareness can move people into a place of understanding and connectedness.

NVC is used in interpersonal relationships, international negotiations, personal healing, conflict resolution, social change, drug/alcohol treatment, trauma recovery and rehabilitation.

“Marshall Rosenberg’s dynamic communication techniques transform potential conflicts into peaceful dialogues. You’ll learn simple tools to defuse arguments and create compassionate connections with your family, friends, and others.”
John Gray, Ph.d, author, Men Are from Mars, Women Are From Venus.

Purpose of the NVC tool

Where is NVC taught?

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“This world is what we have made of it. If it is ruthless today, it is because we have made it ruthless by our attitudes. If we change ourselves, we can change the world and changing ourselves begins with changing our language and methods of communication.

Arun Ghandi


No matter what anyone does or says, it is always to meet a need